Kettering Celebrants - Celebrate a special life in your own unique way

My name is Paul Fowler and I am an Independent Funeral Celebrant. I live in Kettering, and conduct funeral services throughout Northamptonshire and the East Midlands Area. Each ceremony is individually written and created to honour the person who has died in a dignified and fitting tribute, focusing on everything that made them special and unique.

The funeral service is a vital and integrative part of beginning to heal from your loss and so this End of Life Ceremony has two main purposes: firstly to celebrate the life of your loved one, and secondly to sensitively acknowledge your great sadness at this time.

For many people today, their lifestyle means that traditional religion has played less of a part than in the past. This means, perhaps, that a typical funeral service conducted by a minister of religion is not always appropriate as a celebration for the deceased or their family.

For this reason, the ceremonies that I create focus on life and not death. Far from being sad and sombre they are positive and uplifting. You will find great comfort in providing a ceremony that meets the deceased's wishes and truly reflects their life.
On most occasions I will meet the family of the deceased to discuss their requirements and create the most appropriate kind of funeral ceremony. I will also find out about the life of the deceased in order to create a fitting tribute / eulogy if this is required. (If this is impractical because of distance, then I will do this on the telephone or via e-mail)
I will create a unique funeral celebration; one which is just right for the individual.

Kettering Celebrants is the only company in Kettering providing independent civil celebrant funeral services services to the local community.

We aim to provide an individually tailored funeral ceremony that reflects the life of your loved one and everything that life means to you...


There is no set format for a civil funeral. Each ceremony is unique - as unique as the person who has died; as unique as the life they lived. It is a ceremony created especially for them and for you.

A bespoke and personalised civil funeral focuses first on the life and achievements of the deceased rather than the practised  rituals that can often make funerals seem impersonal and remote.

A civil celebrant will meet with the family and together we will craft and create a funeral ceremony that truly reflects the person whose life in being celebrated and whose passing mourned.

Together we can select appropriate music, choose readings that help convey the personality and craft a eulogy or tribute that pays tribute to the life that has come to an end.

On the day of the funeral an  Independent Funeral Celebrant will welcome the mourners and lead the service, guiding you through proceedings and introducing the various elements that you have decided upon.

The celebrant is there to ensure that things run smoothly and to enable you to participate in a memorable farewell to your loved one with the minimum of stress.

They may give a eulogy or tribute to the deceased or you may decided that others will celebrate the life of the deceased in their own words, in which case the celebrant will introduce the speakers and make sure everything runs to time. 

There are no set rules and there's no compulsory format. We are here to make certain that this is your ceremony done your way.

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