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At this difficult time it may be hard for you to decide exactly what type of funeral service you want for your loved one.   

As an independent celebrant I will create a bespoke funeral service that reflects your loved one, their life and beliefs, providing any support or guidance you may need, before, during and after the service.       

I would meet with you at a time and place that is convenient for you to discuss exactly what you would like, any ideas you may have and to get to know exactly who your loved one was, and what they meant to each of you. While also discussing how you, as a family, would like to say goodbye, and any wishes the deceased may have had. If you would like close friends to be involved in the service I would also be happy to liaise with them to discuss their part in the service.     

The service can have as much or as little as you would like, and I will be there to offer suggestions and help, but this is your service and it would be tailored to your needs.    

The service can contain some religious content, a religious element or no religion it is your choice, as an independent celebrant my services are not focused around any theology or personal belief. Every service is individually written and focused around you and your loved one. 
Arranging a funeral can be very daunting and at times over-powering especially when you are grieving. I will take as much stress off you as possible over this difficult period, but will ensure that you are able to say goodbye in your own individual way, while paying tribute to you loved ones life and giving thanks for them.  

‘Your ceremony, Your Way’     

I have included a few ideas below that you may want to think about or include, what will happen next if you decide that this is the right type of service for you, and few things you may want to think about before we meet. 

These may also be useful if you decide that a civil ceremony with an independent celebrant is not the right type of service for you, so feel free to take any ideas away that may help you with your arrangements.   

If you have any question or would like to discuss anything in more detail (including an informal chat if you’re still unsure of the type of service you would like) please feel free to give me a call or send me an e-mail. You will find all my details on the contact me tab.  

Some ideas you may want to include.   

Favorite or special music or a personal recording of a family member singing / playing an instrument.   

Hymns: traditional, non-traditional or symbolic. You however, may decide not to have any hymns at all.   

A special song sung by a professional singer or choir. This is also an excellent idea if you want a hymn but don’t want to sing it yourselves.   

A visual tribute or photo of your loved one.   

Poems & Readings   


You may want the congregation to sign and leave their own special message in a memory book that you can then take away.   

If children are coming you could include a story to explain death in meaningful way, or a picture or special message to be placed on the casket from them.   

Did your loved one have a favourite colour that they liked to wear that you may want people to wear in their memory, or you can request that people do not wear black, as is usually traditional, if this is something you think would honor the memory of your loved one.   

The release of doves or balloons following the service.   (
While you may want flowers, there are some alternatives. You can request that people donate to a cause that was special to your loved one, or is special to you.   If they had green fingers & loved gardening instead of flowers, why not place an arrangement of vegetables from their allotment or garden. Florists may also be able to provide you something similar to this.    

Some families also like to give a keepsake to the congregation, a poppy or daffodil if the service is around remembrance or St David’s day or something specific to a good cause. 

A small card with a poem on or a booklet of pictures that may be slotted in an order of service, or kept separate (I have example of these if this is something you are interested in).   

I have also had sweets like Werthers original offered to the congregation after the service as this was something the deceased loved.   

These are all suggestions and you may have your own ideas.   
You can have as much or as little as you want in your service, and it can be as traditional or as nontraditional as you would like, so if you have an idea just ask me about it, even if its something that you would not normally expect at a service.    

What happens next?       

If you decide a Civil Celebrant can offer the right type of service for you, I will be in touch so we can organise a good time and place to meet that’s convenient for you.   

This meeting will allow me to discuss with you the type of service you would like.  Putting all your ideas and thoughts together, so I can write a personal service that will reflect the life of your loved one, who they were, and what they meant to you.    

After our initial meeting I will keep in touch and follow up any details or aspects that you may need a bit more time to think about. I will also be available if you decide to make any changes, have any questions, concerns, want any advice, or just need someone to talk to. 
A few things to think about before we meet  

Before we meet it may be useful to have a think about your loved ones life, story, and wishes, so we can discuss all the information that you would like in the service.   

Where the deceased was born and raised. 
Their younger years and any childhood stories. 

Their parents, siblings, partners, children, grandchildren and other family and friends important in their life. 

Their careers, work life and any clubs or social groups they enjoyed. 

If they were in the forces, would you like the last post or a friend to speak or write a bit about their years in service? 

Achievements & proud moments. 

Favourite memories, stories, sayings, and affectionate nicknames. 

Favourite poems or music 

If you would like anyone to participate in the service.

If you wish to write the eulogy yourself, or if you would like me to do this, both are perfectly acceptable.

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